Stressful Subject

Stressful Subject


Sofia has had a very stressful month and decided to take a vacation for a week. To avoid any stress during her vacation she wants to forward emails with a stressful subject line to Stephen.

The function should recognize if a subject line is stressful. A stressful subject line means that all letters are in uppercase, and/or the whole line ends by at least 3 exclamation marks, and/or contains at least one of the following “red” words: "help", "asap", "urgent". Any of those "red" words can be spelled in different ways - "HELP", "help", "HeLp", "H!E!L!P!", "H-E-L-P", even in a very loooong way "HHHEEEEEEEEELLP," they just can't have any other letters interspersed between them.

Input: Subject line as a string.

Output: Boolean.


assert is_stressful("Hi") == False
assert is_stressful("I neeed HELP") == True
assert is_stressful("I neeed HLEP") == False


  • Subject can be up to 100 letters
  • 40
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