Speech Module Speech Module

Stephen's speech module is broken. This module is responsible for his number pronunciation. He has to click to input all of the numerical digits in a figure, so when there are big numbers it can take him a long time. Help the robot to speak properly and increase his number processing speed by writing a new speech module for him. All the words in the string must be separated by exactly one space character. Be careful with spaces -- it's hard to see if you place two spaces instead one.

Input: A number as an integer.

Output: The string representation of the number as a string.


checkio(143)=='one hundred forty three'
checkio(101)=='one hundred one'
checkio(212)=='two hundred twelve'

How it is used: This concept may be useful for the speech synthesis software or automatic reports systems. This system can also be used when writing a chatbot by assigning words or phrases numerical values and having a system retrieve responses based on those values.

Precondition: 0 < number < 1000