Currency Style

Currency Style


"Well, it's that time of the month again. Payroll checks for our employees, which require your signatures. And no forgetting to sign the big ones!"
-- Trading Places

Many countries use different conventions for the thousands separator and decimal mark. For example in the Netherlands one million one thousand two hundred and eighty one-hundredths is written as 1.001.200,80, but in the US this is written as 1,001,200.80. Use your coding skills to convert dollars in the first style (Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, and others) to the second style (US, UK, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, and others).

Only currency amounts in dollars should be converted: $1.234,50 to $1,234.50, $1.000 to $1,000, and $4,57 to $4.57. Don't accidentally convert your router's IP address You should leave currency noted in the US style unchanged.

Input: A string (str).

Output: A string (str).


assert checkio("$5.34") == "$5.34"
assert checkio("$5,34") == "$5.34"
assert checkio("$222,100,455.34") == "$222,100,455.34"
assert checkio("Is $1.050,25 bigger than $1,050?") == "Is $1,050.25 bigger than $1,050?"

How it is used: This is an exercise in working with strings and using the Python standard library.


  • 0 < len(text) ≤ 1000;
  • len(fractional_part_of_currency) in {0,2};
  • all(s[-1].isdigit() for s in currency_substrings);
  • all(s[0] == '$' for s in currency_substrings)

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CheckiO Extensions

CheckiO Extensions allow you to use local files to solve missions. More info in a blog post.

In order to install CheckiO client you'll need installed Python (version at least 3.8)

Install CheckiO Client first:

pip3 install checkio_client

Configure your tool

checkio --domain=py config --key=

Sync solutions into your local folder

checkio sync

(in beta testing) Launch local server so your browser can use it and sync solution between local file end extension on the fly. (doesn't work for safari)

checkio serv -d

Alternatevly, you can install Chrome extension or FF addon

checkio install-plugin
checkio install-plugin --ff
checkio install-plugin --chromium

Read more here about other functionality that the checkio client provides. Feel free to submit an issue in case of any difficulties.

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