• Open Source projects for CheckiO users


Hi guys.

After collecting your feedback about your first job and chatting with some people who have just started their learning path as a developer. I am considering making the Projects section of CheckiO available for Open Source projects for free.

If you have your own Open Source project and you are looking for some help we can share information about you and your project on CheckiO. This information should include a link on your project OpenSource, description of your project, what skills are you looking for that will be required for future contribution and maybe some other information you think worth to share.

We are not going to charge you for sharing your project. We will promote your project among the community using banners and our newsletter instead.

This can be a win-win for everybody. Some users can continue learning new things by contributing interesting Open Source projects. Some other users can find new CheckiO friends and invite good contributors into their projects.

Let me know what do you think about the idea?

Share this if you know someone who might be interested in participation.

Thank you.