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From: https://checkio.org/mission/find-friends/solve/


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for python3:

when I run my code, the result is:

test 7/7, true

but in my local environment, the result is false, and that's exactly the right answer.

I have no idea what happened.

    my_network = {}
    def connect_us(target, friends):
        next_one = []
        def do_check(x, y):
            if y in x:
                my_network[x] = 1
                for n in x.split('-'):

        if target:
            for a_b, v in my_network.items():
                if v == 1: continue
                if isinstance(target, str):
                    do_check(a_b, target)
                elif isinstance(target, list):
                    for t in target:
                        do_check(a_b, t)
            return connect_us(next_one, friends)
            return friends

    def check_connection(network, first, second):
        for i in network:
            my_network[i] = 0
        friends = set()
        f1 = connect_us(first, friends)
        #print('f1 = {0}'.format(f1))
        #print('my_network = {0}'.format(my_network))

        for i in network:
            my_network[i] = 0
        friends = set()
        f2 = connect_us(second, friends)
        #print('f2 = {0}'.format(f2))
        #print('my_network = {0}'.format(my_network))

        return True if f1 & f2 else False

    if __name__ == '__main__':
        r = check_connection(

                ['base-night', 'scout1-night', 'pingin-sscout', 'sscout-scout1', 'dr101-pingin', 'sscout-base',
                 'dr101-sscout', 'pingin-night', 'pingin-scout1', 'scout1-dr101', 'dr101-night'],
                "pingin", "base")

        print r

for python2:

test 1 was failed also, please check it.