• What was your first job?


While collecting feedback from our users about their experience playing CheckiO, I often get asked, “How can I become a professional programmer after I get some experience solving puzzles on CheckiO (or any other coding games)?” and, “How can I get my first job as a coder?”

Well, we have a lot professional developers playing CheckiO and I would actually like to forward this question to them.

If you are professional developer or use CheckiO to be a better developer, please share what was your first job. How did you get one? Do you have some advice to our players who are actively playing CheckiO and dream to be a professional coder in the near future?

Thank you.

PS: CheckiO is proactively working to find our users and developers job opportunities through our game platform. To take advantage of this, go to your CheckiO profile and check “I don't mind receiving interesting job opportunities”.