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From: https://checkio.org/mission/network-loops/solve/


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My Code running a DFS recursion seems to pass locally with python3.4 on mac running Captain, but in the browser it is getting ErrUchIsDown when it says loading(14) or loading(28). Maybe someone has seen this before or maybe the code just isn't actually working or the recursion is going too deep?? I'm not sure.

Code: def find_cycle(cons): nodes = list(set([each for con in cons for each in con])) cycles = []

def getpaths(node, seen):
    paths = []
    for con in cons:
        if node in con and con not in seen:
            newnode = con[1] if con[0] == node else con[0]
            if sum(x.count(node) for x in seen) < 2 and sum(x.count(newnode) for x in seen) < 2:
    return paths

def followcycle(node, seen):
    paths = getpaths(node, seen)
    for path in paths:
        newnode = path[1] if path[1] != node else path[0]
        cycles.append(followcycle(newnode, seen + [path]))
    return seen

for node in nodes:
    followcycle(node, [])

largest = []
for cycle in cycles:
    if len(cycle) > 2:
        if cycle[0][0] == cycle[-1][1] or cycle[0][0] == cycle[-1][0]:
            if len(cycle) > len(largest):
                largest = cycle

myl = []
[myl.append(x) for i in largest for x in i if x not in myl]
return myl + [myl[0]] if len(myl) else []