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I am new to python and use checkIO as a learning-by-doing platform. I really like tasks that push my understanding and introduce something new. Having said this, what I am missing on this task is a link to additional info. In my case I was not aware of the concept of passing lambdas on to defs or the args or *kwargs concept. This means I have no understanding what is happening here, and have difficulties finding info (as I have no idea how the concepts are named). e.g. as I understand it, for the first four asserts I would expect both the lambdas to be in arg f and both the test values to be in arg g, which is confusing given the task description. at the level of def h I have no idea any more what is getting put into args, and what is in *kwargs or how to inspect this (e.g. simply print out). Given the lack of a "door opener" to get into the right concepts here, this task is not "simple" for someone learning. Hence my suggestion to add a link or helpful hint how to get an understanding of the used concepts or what the concepts are.