• ErrUchIsDown

Question related to mission Break Rings


I tried my code on my own computer runs well with just a bit long time (minutes if rings come to about 15), and when I run the code in checkio, "ErrUchIsDown" consistently appeared. Am I missing something? My codes:

import functools

import itertools

def break_rings(cons, cuts=1):

    union = functools.reduce(lambda x,y:x|y, cons)
    all_paths = list(itertools.permutations(union,cuts))
    #print('all_paths:',len(all_paths))# a list of tuples
    #print('Now {0} rings will be cut'.format(cuts))
    result = []
    path_no = 0
    cons_remain = []
    for path in all_paths:
        temp_cons = list(cons)
        count = 0
        path_no += 1
        #print('now taking path No.:', path_no)

        for ring in path:
            #print('now breaking ring:', ring)

            if any((ring in i) for i in temp_cons):count += 1

            #print('count', count)

            for con in cons:
                #print('Now temp_cons:',temp_cons)
                if temp_cons == []:
                    return cuts
                if len(con) > 1 and ring in con and con in temp_cons:
                    #print('Now try breaking con:',con)
                    #print(con,'is removed')


    if [] not in cons_remain:
        #print('please break one more')
        return break_rings(cons, cuts+1)

    return min(result)