• Suggest: "Defining simplicity of decision"


Sorry for my bad English.

If somehow realize a feature that will be able to define simplicity of users' decision? (or "If somehow implement a function that can identify users easy solutions?")

For example: - print(a + a + a) has 6 scores - print(a*3) has 4 scores

Why? This feature can help a lot of users to know nearly simplest and best decision of task without watching another users' decisions. So I'll see that a task can being finished more simply way than I'll have because I'll know about the scores. (or "This feature can help most of the users to know about the simplest and the best solution to the problem without looking at the outcomes of other Users. So I will see that the problem can be solved in a simpler way than I do mine, because I am aware of the points.")

How? Actually I don't know how it make correctly. But I hope it's possible.