• MWL: Your result 'l', right result 'l' - failed


Hi! :)

Below you'll find my (n00bish & non pythonian) solution for the MWL mission and as far as i see it returns the proper result (even the checkbox states: for hello world: "your result 'l', right result is 'l'). Nevertheless the mission is indicated as failed. Can you tell me why?

Thanks in advance!

Keep up the great work - this site totally rocks!! Regards,


From: http://www.checkio.org/mission/most-wanted-letter/solve/


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import re
from collections import Counter
text = text.lower()
mostWFind = re.findall(r'[a-z]', text)
mostWList = []
mostWDict = {}

for i in mostWFind:

mostWDict = dict(zip(mostWFind, mostWList))
maxval = max(mostWDict.values())
keys = [x for x, y in mostWDict.items() if y ==maxval]
keys = sorted(keys)

return sorted(keys[0])