• Task: Break Rings - failing Extra Test 1/1



I'm not positively sure that my code in this task is ok, but I am getting failed Extra Test with rings: ({8,7},{1,9},{2,7},{3,6},{1,7},{5,7},{3,4},{9,5},{9,6},{3,5},) with info that my code returns 5 and the right result is 3.

The problem I have is that my code returns 3 for those rings. I even added those rings to local asserts like this:

assert break_rings(({8,7},{1,9},{2,7},{3,6},{1,7},{5,7},{3,4},{9,5},{9,6},{3,5},)) == 3, "Extra Test 1/1"

and locally it runs OK.

So why I am getting this failed Test?

From: http://www.checkio.org/mission/break-rings/solve/


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