• bug in "solution-for-anything"


Hello. When i run my code, in output print next text: "NO WAY :(", without AssertionError. But in check result:

Check result: false Right result: true checkio(re) <= math

If it's a real, then was be AssertionError in output. that's my code(python 2.7):

def checkio(anything):
import re
import math
if type(anything) == tuple and len(anything) == 0:
return True
if type(anything) == set:
return anything
if type(anything) == str:
return chr(0)
if type(anything) == int and anything == 80:
return 99990
if 'module' in str(type(anything)):
return anything
if anything == 5:
return ord
return True
if name == 'main':
import re
import math
assert checkio({}) != [], 'You'
assert checkio('Hello') < 'World', 'will'
assert checkio(80) > 81, 'never'
assert checkio(re) >= re, 'make'
assert checkio(re) <= math, 'this'
assert checkio(5) == ord, ':)'
print('NO WAY :(')

I would like to give some feedback about ...

From: http://www.checkio.org/mission/solution-for-anything/solve/


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