• Great exercise, but not about suffixes


I would like to give some feedback about ...

From: http://www.checkio.org/forum/?q=tag%3Atask.end-of-other&from=right

This is a great exercise, but it defines the word "suffix" incorrectly. A suffix modifies a word to alter its meaning or indicate how it should be interpreted grammatically. For example, "incorrect" in my first sentence is a word that stands on its own, but since I was using it as a descriptor for the verb "defines", it gets modified to indicate it is an adverb with the "-ly" suffix.

This is different from what the task is, which is to find the end-parts of any word, whether said end-part is an actual part-of-speech suffix or not.

I know the term suffix does get used a bit differently in certain contexts (field naming conventions come to mind), but since the task here is just using everyday words, maybe just leave the suffix part out of the task description? The instructions will be clearer without it.