• Confuse the value of safe pawn on right picture.

Question related to mission Pawn Brotherhood



On the "Pawn Brotherhood" instruction, the left-picture shows that:

safe_pawns({"b4", "d4", "f4", "c3", "e3", "g5", "d2"}) == 6

I understand ("b4", "d4", "f4", "c3", "e3", "g5") can protect each other, because each ones is on the cross line ===> the value is 6 obviously.

But**, on the right picture:**
safe_pawns({"b4", "c4", "d4", "e4", "f4", "g4", "e5"}) == 1

all yellow pawns are in line, so as the chess game rule:
Assume yellow pawn goes first: when a yellow pawn - d4 or f4 attacks to e5. The game is over because no remaining blue pawns . So I think the value of it should be 0

Please help me clarify it.