• Diferent results between example and compiler


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From: http://www.checkio.org/mission/house-password/solve/


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The following code returns different results than the compiler, it marks the solution as wrong having a correct output in the example compiler(different than the solution compiler):

import re def checkio(data): res='FALSE' ok1=0 ok2=0 ok3=0 ok4=0 if len(data)>=10: ok1=1 for i in data: if re.match("[a-z]+",i): ok2=1 if re.match("[A-Z]+",i): ok3=1 if re.match("[0-9]+",i): ok4=1 ok = ok1+ok2+ok3+ok4 if ok==4: res='TRUE' else: res='FALSE' return res

if name == 'main': #These "asserts" using only for self-checking and not necessary for auto-testing assert checkio('A1213pokl') == False, "1st example" assert checkio('bAse730onE4') == True, "2nd example" assert checkio('asasasasasasasaas') == False, "3rd example" assert checkio('QWERTYqwerty') == False, "4th example" assert checkio('123456123456') == False, "5th example" assert checkio('QwErTy911poqqqq') == True, "6th example"