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Question related to mission Friends


I have the next idea for this task. There's self._friends = dict of: key - one friend value - set of his friends

I have the next remove method def remove(self, connection): it = iter(connection) friend1, friend2 = next(it), next(it)

        ret = False
        if friend1 in self._friends and friend2 in self._friends[friend1] or\
           friend2 in self._friends and friend1 in self._friends[friend2]:
            ret = True

        if ret:
            if not self._friends[friend1]:
                del self._friends[friend1]
            if not self._friends[friend2]:
                del self._friends[friend2]
        return ret

But test3/3 fails by return boolean value. Dunno what to do. Just tell me if that mistake by me? or not?