• Additional test cases


I would like to give some feedback about house-password mission.

I found some border cases that would check: - last item in the sequence - last item in the letters range

Please, take a look to assertions below:

assert checkio('aaaaaaaaaa1A') == True, "Check symbol at the end of password."

assert checkio('aaaaaaaaa1Za') == True, "Check last 'Z' symbol."

assert checkio('aaaaaaaaa9Aa') == True, "Check last '9' symbol."

assert checkio('AAAAAAAAA1zA') == True, "Check last 'z' symbol."

I think this assertions are useful.

My first solution for this mission didn't work with them. But now, after corrections, it works.

From: http://www.checkio.org/mission/house-password/solve/


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