• Seriously: the vaguest mission I have seen so-far

Question related to mission Friends


I'm getting more and more frustrated with this mission unfortunately:

  • It is supposed to 'support' the 'How to find friends' mission, but the solutions that actually use it there turn out overly complex and less readable than the ones that do - clearly this class really is not needed to solve the specific question answered there
  • I already complained about the unclear description of 'names()', which I still think makes no sense given the specific description of what the 'Friends' class is supposed to keep track of
  • Now also I'm struggling with 'connected()' - the description says it should return all 'friends' that are connected, but it neglects to mention that it is only supposed to return the direct connections. What's the fun of that? That's trivial and not very interesting (causing one again to ask itself the question why one would need a full-blown class to begin with). My understanding from the description was that all friends that are somehow connected (including friends-of-friends, and their friends, etc) and IMHO that would actually make for a mission worthy of 15 points to solve it.

So I guess there are two conclusions for me:

  • All missions I've seen by Bryukh so-far were excellent; IMHO this one simply does not match the quality of those
  • Apparently I just reached the level that qualifies me for creating my own missions - I guess I should start doing that ;P