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Question related to mission Keywords Finder


I think that the one of the tests on this problem is a bit confusing or the description is not right. The next test is failing for my code:

  • Your result: "<span>onetwothree</span>"
  • Right result: "<span>one</span><span>two</span><span>three</span>"
  • Fail: checkio("onetwothree", "three two one")

According to the task description: - test: checkio("Hello World! Or LOL", "hell world or lo") - it should generate "<span>Hello</span>" by joining the two matched words together

The exact sentence that I find confusing is: "Hello" contains two intersected words "hell" and "lo" and we tag the larger part again "<span>Hello</span>".

Is the test correct and I'm missunderstanding the description? As there are people who has already solved it, I guess that I'm not understanding well the task description ;P

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