• Badges discussion


What do you think about current badges system?

I think that it has a lot of potential to please users, as who doesn't like achievements? The core of achievement system is that one gets the more joy the harder badge is achievable. The problem is that currently it's quite difficult to check your awards, as icons are not really informative and you have to click on them to get info. Also there are two different infos about the badge (which should be merged imo): one in pop-up when you click on the icon, and one in the news (!) info about the badge http://www.checkio.org/badges/ . . . (btw. there are some link mistakes, solver 2 is linked to solver 1 in that tiny window) So let me propose a solution: why not give it the same treatment as for missions' display? This list view is pretty informative, also it's showing you some statistics/measurement of awesomeness of your submissions. For badges the same list view of short description + how many ppl achieved it + maybe % of people achieved would be a lot better display than the present one.

@edit: ummm... now I see that it's already viewed :D So paragraph here gets outdated and deleted

Also, as we're here, I'd like to suggest new badges: a badge for each island for solivng all tasks (or alternatively, a badge for solving publishing and reviewing all tasks). I can imagine the problem because of which it hasn't been done yet: probably that's because all islands are in constant development and people are allowed to add tasks there, so there could be a conflict of getting this badge twice for example. However, is it really such a problem? Easy fix (and generally a good idea for all badges) is not to check for conditions of X badge if it's already awarded.