• Terse != Clear ("Clear" solutions)


Maybe this is an ancient gripe, but I'm a n00b.

Far too many of the top "clear" solutions are incredibly terse. They may be very good solutions, they may be educational or inspiring, but I don't see how so many are highly rated as "clear" solutions. Typically there are no comments, and the coder's intent seems to be to use the minimum of characters necessary to accomplish the task. It doesn't make for great readability, and, in some cases, it seems that it will take me as long to parse and comprehend this terse code as it took to write it.

Wouldn't this be better regarded as "creative," or, if it is actually fast to execute, then it could be "speedy." Or, better yet, there could be a new category or categories. Consider: "Terse," or "Clever," or "Mind-Bending."