• Incinerator/The_Weapons: test case #20

Question related to mission The Weapons


I question the validity of this test case--army_2 is the clear winner. The file attached describes the straight fight session. There is a status dump before each round. The army that will strike first is denoted by A?*. The army that will begin by receiving a strike does not have the asterisk suffixed.


Francois Laagel

army_1 = Army()
army_2 = Army()
army_1.add_units(Lancer, 7)
army_1.add_units(Vampire, 3)
army_1.add_units(Warrior, 4)
army_1.add_units(Defender, 2)

army_2.add_units(Warrior, 4)
army_2.add_units(Defender, 4)
army_2.add_units(Vampire, 6)
army_2.add_units(Lancer, 4)

battle = Battle()
assert battle.straight_fight(army_1, army_2) == True