• Checking return uncorrect result

Question related to mission Chess Knight


Hi! When I try to check my code via button "Check my Solution", it return mistake in test "chessknight("h8",2)": Your result:["a1","a3","a5","b3","b4","c1","c2","c5","d2","d4","e1","e3","f7","g6"] Right result:["d6","d8","e5","e7","f4","f7","f8","g5","g6","h4","h6","h8"] But when I check my code via button "Run code" and use "print(chessknight("h8",2))", I get a correct result (["d6","d8","e5","e7","f4","f7","f8","g5","g6","h4","h6","h8"]). How is it posible? Code attached to my post