• The new island for newbies


Hi everybody,

Based on feedback from our users we decided to make an island with some simpler missions. This island will be opened with Home Island right after registration so a user can start solving missions on either of them.

I know that many of you have some teaching experience so if you have any ideas or propositions; please do share!

Bellow you can find our first set of task for this island.

  1. List indexes. Given a list of ints. You should sum all even indexes elements and multiply it at the last element. Learn slices and indexes as -1.

  2. Multiply digits. Given a number. Multiply all digits (excl zero) from the number. Data conversion int -> string -> int.

  3. Binary. Given a number. Convert this number to binary and calculate 1 in it. bin, count.

  4. End other. Given two strings. Check is one of string appears at the end of the other string. Ignore case sensitive. str.lower, str.rfind.

  5. Average odd. Given a list of ints. Find all odd numbers and calculate the average for it. The result should be rounded down. Loops or list comprehension, avg, round, int.

  6. The most numbers. Given a list of numbers. Find the diff between the largest and the smallest numbers. min, max

  7. Three time YES. Given a list of booleans. Check is this list contains “True” three time in succession. for loop or “in” for list.

  8. Common words. Given two strings with words separated by comma. Find the common words for these strings. The result should be a list of the common words in the alphabetic order. set.intersect, sorted.

  9. Expression. Given two value of variables of X and Y and an expression. Could you calculate it? eval

  10. Number radix. Given a string representation of a number and the base of numeral system. Convert the number in the decimal. int(str, base)