• New code editor beta-testing for all levels


New code editor beta-testing for all levels is live.

I've finally updated the solving experience of CheckiO, which hasn't been changed for about ten years now.

Everything is on the mission info page now and aligns with the scrolling page. So, you read the description, scroll down to the code editor, solve the mission, scroll down to the best solutions from each category, scroll down to the "What's next?" section.


  • Mobile browsers
  • Switch editor into full-screen mode
  • Clean code using black
  • Different editor themes
  • Support of chrome extension and ff addon from CheckiO

Improving solving experience is one of the most significant updates planned for this year, and we are looking forward to getting your feedback and ideas on what else we can add.

If your level is high enough for beta-testing participation - you will be asked about it on the mission info page right before the "Solve" button.

The video illustrates the new experience. https://youtu.be/j9Igphqy2tw