• My code doesn't do this and still was accepted

Question related to mission Merge Intervals


Checking the tests I found that any of them obligate the player to achive this part of the mission: Output: The merged intervals as a list of tuples of 2 ints, sorted by their first element. more specifically this: sorted by their first element.

For example my code with the test (my own): merge_intervals([(1, 4), (2, 6), (8, 10), (8, 11), (12, 19)]) gives me as output: [(8, 19), (1, 6)]

I think if that test is added to the verificacion assertions this will be solved. Thanks.

My code: https://github.com/EdinsonUwU/MERGE_INTERVALS/tree/main

PS: I know how to get an output as the missions wants.