• deadlock part 2: healer vs healer

Question related to mission The Healers


I've noticed that the code can get into a deadlock if two healers have a fight. The same is true for the arrangement 'healer, vamprie vs vampire, healer' or the arrangement 'healer, defender vs vampire, healer'.

This could be solved if one makes two attributes health and fullhealth. Health works normally but can't be more than fullhealth. If fullhealth decreaces anytime you get hit or every heal by 1 regardless if damage was done or not this deadlock could be solved.

for example:

the vampire: health = 40, fullhealth = 40, attack = 4, vampirism = 0.5

If you say you loose fullhealth every time you get hit after the hit of another vampire it would look like this.

the vampire: health = 36, fullhealth = 39, attack = 4, vampirism = 0.5,

And if no healingpower is coded to heal him up to the full 40 this deadlock just turns into a long fight.