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From: https://py.checkio.org/mission/caps-lock/solve/


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So, I have the following problem:

test string: "Madder than Mad Brian of Madcastle"

my outcome: "MDDER THn MD bRIn of MDCstle"

correct outcome: "MDDER THn MD BRIn of MDCstle"

The difference is in the B of Brian. The thing is, caps lock is initially OFF. The 'a' in 'Madder' turns it on, then the 'a' in 'than' turns it OFF, then the 'a' in 'Mad' turns it ON again. This means that when reaching the word 'Brian', caps lock is ON. As we all know, typing a capital B with caps lock ON results in a lowercase b. That means my solution is correct, and the "correct" outcome of the mission check is actually false.

Am I wrong?