• Am I on level 9 or not?


Hello guys. There are some confusing informations about my current level and possibly bug. I think, that I am on level 9, because my number next to my name is 9 and I received email with title "Congratulations! You are on level 9 on CheckiO". In email is said that I can create task now.

Anyway if I try open Cretion tools https://py.checkio.org/mission/add/ there is "Unfortunatelly you don't access to this tool yet. You should be at least level 9."

I noticed incorrect info about level even before. In Practice section in my profile, there was "To get to the next stage:" condition achieve level 7. When I was level 7, this condition was still unchecked. I became checked on level 8.

Maybe it is broken little bit. :-)