• Best way to work through missions?


I have only recently started to learn Python and have no other coding experience before I started about 10 days ago.

I am using Checkio to help me learn python and I am finding it super helpful. I think it's giving me a really good understanding of the foundations, because if I get stuck I go and research a new built-in function or method etc. Then I look at and try to understand other peoples answers which is the place I probably know the most. I know I still have lots to learn and I'm looking forward to it, it genuinely feels like a logical thinking game or puzzle. Which i really enjoy! I want to make sure I have a secure understanding of the foundations as I know this will help as I advance to more complex problems/programs.

I have worked through Elementary and Home and now have O'Rielly's, Scientific Expedition & Electronic station unlocked. What is the best way to work through the 'missions'? I was just going to pick a station and work down the list but the difficulty goes up a couple levels by the end of the station. So then I thought about doing all the elementary from the 3 stations, then elementary+, then simple, then simple+ etc. But I noticed the 'mission' list aren't in order of difficulty and wondered if they are in the order they are for a reason.

What are peoples experiences of working through the 'missions'?

What order would people recommend for a beginner?

A bit more context about me - I don't have a specific area of interest that I want to go into yet. I found the last few home missions pretty simple. They still took me 15 mins or so and few revisions as I went along, but I think I'm progressing at a good rate. for current ability - I don't know much if anything about classes, but I'm assuming the later missions include them and see no point in trying to rush ahead in what I'm learning until I am secure with the foundations/basics. I upgraded to awesome as I think this is an incredible resource and want to support it and I know it's definitely worth the money.