• Millenium date works but Victory date doesn't

Question related to mission Date and Time Converter


Hi, it is not clear to me why Millenium date works but Victory date, does not. Please help me My code is

def date_time(time: str) -> str:
    # replace this for solution

    converted_date = (datetime.strptime("01.01.2000 00:00",'%d.%m.%Y %H:%M')\
                      .strftime('%-d %B %Y year %-H hours %-M minutes'))

    return converted_date

assert date_time("01.01.2000 00:00") == "1 January 2000 year 0 hours 0 minutes", "Millenium" -OK

assert date_time("09.05.1945 06:30") == "9 May 1945 year 6 hours 30 minutes", "Victory" - Not Ok