• "Caps Lock" Missions Issue?

Question related to mission Caps Lock



In the mission, I had everything correct, and passed all the "run" tests. But the "check" tests failed on "Madder than Mad Brian of Madcastle". Of course, I saw the "problem" and "fixed" it, and passed the test. But the issue is.. On every PC I've ever used, the SHIFT key acts not so much as a ALWAYS shift, but as a toggle: If the CAPS lock is on, and I press SHIFT+<LETTER>, instead of always an uppercase letter, it'll emit a lowercase letter instead (thus, inverting the case of the letter, not forcing it always caps). That's how I implemented my original solution -- When the flag for CAPS was ON, it would invert the case of letters: lower would become UPPER, as expected, but UPPER should also have become lower, because pressing SHIFT+<LETTER> should have emitted a lower letter, as the behavior I described above indicates.

Please either fix the tests to account for this, or make the behavior clear (what to expect when CAPS is on and pressing SHIFT) in the mission parameters. The result with the inverting/toggle behavior would cause the part "... Mad Brian ..." to be "... MD bRin ..." (instead of "... MD BRin ..." in the test), as he would hit CAPS instead of 'a' in the "Mad" word. Then when the caps lock is still on and he presses the SHIFT+b for the 'B' in "Brian", it would emit a lowercase 'b' instead, due to the case toggling nature. All the other letters and tests toggled correctly in either case.