• The answer is correct, why not pass it?


def second_index(text: str, symbol: str) -> [int, None]: """ returns the second index of a symbol in a given text """ # your code here if symbol==' ' and text.count(symbol)<2: return None a=text.rfind(symbol) return None if a==-1 else a

if name == 'main': print('Example:') print(second_index("sims", "s"))

# These "asserts" are used for self-checking and not for an auto-testing
assert second_index("sims", "s") == 3, "First"
assert second_index("find the river", "e") == 12, "Second"
assert second_index("hi", " ") is None, "Third"
assert second_index("hi mayor", " ") is None, "Fourth"
assert second_index("hi mr Mayor", " ") == 5, "Fifth"
print('You are awesome! All tests are done! Go Check it!')

The above is my answer..

Your result:1 Right result:None Fail:second_index("hi","i")

This is the reason why I cannot pass.