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I would like to give some feedback about ...

I do not understand how vowels are in the solution. What is required.

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You have to write a function named davasaan (division with all vowels a) which calculates integer division by 10. The vowels "eiou" are disallowed as are the slash "/", asterisk "*", and period "." characters.

We have one more rule for this univocalic challenge. This is a code golf mission and your main goal is to make your code as short as possible: 300 characters is the maximum allowable. The shorter your code, the more remarkable you are. Note that your code can start/end with empty lines and commented lines, they are not considered for code length. Hence you can comment a bit your code.

Input: A non-negative number as an integer.

Output: The integer division (//10) of the input as an integer.

Precondition: 0 ≤ n ≤ 2,000,000,000

Special thanks to jtokaz who first created the mission years ago.