• So happy, thank you so much


Hello Everyone,

I am so happy to be Leader of the Month of Novembre 2019, that's a very long journey since I joined this extremly interesting website. I started Python coding via the Empire of Code web-game and moved to CheckiO to get more missions.

Here, I learned new ways to code in Python, via my searches to solve missions but mainly via the great code that many of you wrote, like przemyslaw.daniel who's codes are always incredible and full of magic tricks. I learn so much from you all, that you all deserve my deep thanks.

Special thanks to the web developper of this incredible site.

Special thanks to some of the great mission creators (and great coders): Phil15, kurosawa4434 and especially to oduvan and quarkov that create this month's missions that help me make enough point to be on top of the hill.

Finally, special thanks to colinmcnicholl winner of previous "Leader of the Month" (October), that gave me enough will to become leader myself to solve in rushing last 3 missions of the month, when I saw that I could maybe make it.

So happy to be part of this community.

I now must try to make my own mission to give you as much as you gave me.