• Typical time to solve by skill


Hi all,

I'd like to gauge how 'good' I am at solving programming problems, and I'm curious how long various problems have taken you and whether you consider yourself a 'skilled/good' programmer, a beginner, intermediate etc.

I'd probably group problems as the following < 25 as beginner (programming 101 problems) 25-30 as intermediate (simple applications of commonly encountered data structures) and > 30 as experienced (more complicated data structures or deeper understanding needed)

Actually what would be interesting would be an 'ELO' rating system - since we have number of individuals who have attempted particular problems, and the number of individuals who were successful at completing that problem. Ie the 'Simplification' problem has only 93 attempts and only 38 successes. Whereas 'Sentence with Extra Spaces' has 2398 attempts and 1899 successes.