• What a wonderful site to practice as a newbie


A big salute and thanks to the creators and the key users of this site. It is just my 3rd day in learning python. I have programmed in C++ and Java about 15 years back and moved away from programming. Now I am coming back to it, because I love it and I want to use Python in my work - data analytics. So, as I am taking the tutorials, I wanted to test my new skills and I found this site. I am so impressed with the variety/creativity of the solutions in my first mission itself - Thank you so much!

Quick questions:

  1. If there is a solution that I don't understand given my current knowledge of python, I want to bookmark it to review later on - is there a way to do it? (there were 2 solutions which used lambda function and zip which I am yet to study)

  2. Is there a recommended way to go through the missions? As of now, I try to solve it and then I am reviewing other solution - I also looked around to see questions raised by others in the Discuss area. Any tips from long-term users? As of now, I am looking for broadening my knowledge of python - hence I want to review more solutions - is there a structured way to do it?