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Question related to mission Welcome Email by SendGrid

import sendgrid
from sendgrid.helpers.mail import Email,  Mail, Content

API_KEY = 'my.key'
SUBJECT = 'Welcome'
BODY = 'Hi {}'

def send_email(email, name):

    global API_KEY
    global SUBJECT
    global BODY
    BODY = BODY.format(name)

    message = Mail(
    from_email = 'steve@example.com',
    to_emails = email,
    subject = SUBJECT,
    html_content = BODY

    message.content = Content('text/plain', BODY)
    sg = sendgrid.SendGridAPIClient(API_KEY)
    response = sg.send(message)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    #These "asserts" using only for self-checking and not necessary for auto-testing
    send_email('somebody@gmail.com', 'Some Body')