• frequency sort 'extra' tests?


The exercise frequency sort 'extra' test solutions work on my computer but not on checkio.
The checkio 'extra' tests change from day to day??? Because of this problem I can't finish the mission and see additional solution.

From: https://py.checkio.org/mission/sort-array-by-element-frequency/solve/

This is my code for the frequency sort: def frequencysort(items): listcountfrequency = [] listinterated = [] countfrequency = [] myziptuple = () sortedtuplerev =() unzippedreversedtuple = [] unzippedrvsedtupleindex = [] free = True #

create two lists: 1 - a list of the frequency of each itter

2 - a list of the itters

## if list_count only includes one then return same string

for i in items:
    count_frequency = items.count(i)

 #if there is only one occurance of each i in list
 # finds out if all the counts are the same in the list all()
if set(list_count_frequency) == {1}:
    return items

 ## if items is empty return empty     
if items == []:
    return items

zip up the two lists into a tuple

my_zip_tuple = list(zip(list_interated, list_count_frequency ))

#free = all(x == listcountfrequency[0] for x in listcountfrequency) if all(x == listcountfrequency[0] for x in listcountfrequency)== False: print('help')

#sort the tuple in reverse  
    sorted_tuple_rev =sorted(my_zip_tuple, key=lambda x: (x[1], x[0]), reverse = True)            
# take reversed tuple and  unzip it
    unzipped_reversed_tuple = list(zip(*sorted_tuple_rev))
#get first list in unzipped tuple
    unzipped_rvsed_tuple_index = unzipped_reversed_tuple[0]

    return unzipped_rvsed_tuple_index