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From: https://py.checkio.org/mission/house-password/solve/


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Problem:http://prntscr.com/oi346k This is my code: import string

def long_enough(password): 'False' return len(password) >= 10

def short_enough(password): 'False' return len(password) <= 64

def haslowercase(password): 'False' return len(set(string.asciilowercase).intersection(password)) > 0

def hasuppercase(password): 'False' return len(set(string.asciiuppercase).intersection(password)) > 0

def has_numeric(password): 'False' return len(set(string.digits).intersection(password)) > 0

def testpassword(password, tests=[longenough, shortenough, haslowercase, hasuppercase, hasnumeric]): for test in tests: if not test(password): print(test.doc) return False return True

def checkio(password): if test_password(password): print('True')

if name=="main": checkio("ULFFunH8niz")