• Flatten list exercise


Hello fellas,

I'm stuck with the flatten list exercise.. this is the code i wrote:

def flat_list(array):
    ult_list = []
    for items in array:
        if type(items) == type(array):
            for item in items:
                if type(item) == type(array):
                    for another_one in item:
                        if type(another_one) == type(array):
                            for other in another_one:
                else :
        else :
    return ult_list

I knew it was wrong from beginning because it has a max number of iterations (it is limited), so i just tried to do all good until it worked and then see the best solutions for this but it actually requires more loops when you check.

But I'm a newby and i dont even know how to loop in a element from a list to see if the element inside is still a list and same again...

Can you light my way a little? I need some clues to finish this one.

Thanks ppl

From: https://py.checkio.org/mission/flatten-list/solve/