• Awesome membership issue


Hello everyone,

Few month ago, I unlocked the Awesome status for 3 months, using Quests points and I properly got into the awesome team as well as got access to all missions. Few days ago, I noticed that I was no longer accessing all missions, so I unlock the Awesome status again using Quest Points, but even if it made me member of the Awesome team again, I was not having access to all missions.

Today, I consummed another 80 QP to get try to unlock all missions, but it failed again. Can anyone check what is going wrong? (Am I not able to regularly use my Quest point to keep awesome membership?)

Anyway, as I consumed 2x80 QP, can you either make me awesome for the next 6 months or return the extra 80 QP from today.

Thanks a lot for this awesome website, I am learning everyday in Python and love that.

Best regards,