• Help me about "The Most Numbers" question


def checkio(*args):

    import numpy as np

    x = args

    if x !=():
        x = np.array(x).astype('float32') # I tried others type e.g., int32 float64 int64
        if np.shape(x[0]) != ():
            x = x[0]
        x_max = np.max(x)
        x_min = np.min(x)
        result = x_max - x_min
        return result
        return 0

I wrote this function for the question.I ran it without any problems.

It hints me '/home/site/checkio/runners/py32.py:255: DeprecationWarning: cgi.escape is deprecated, use html.escape instead, error = u'TypeError: {0} is wrong data type'.format(cgi.escape(str(type(result)))),TypeError: <class 'numpy.float32'> is wrong data type.' when I checked it.

Which data type can I choose, if I want to use numpy?

Please help me, thanks.

Btw, sorry for my bad english.