• Quest I'm Helping problem


Hello. I have quest "I'm Helping" second time and looks like it's impossible to pass it for formal reasons. I've solved 193 of 324 missions so I should see more than a half posts with tag "for_advisers".

But now, Feb 5 i can see 6 posts with tag "for_advisers" (2 of them - resolved). Newest from Jan 31. For this 5 days somebody already helped in forum, i can't write better advice than already given. 4 of them still not marked as resolved.

I wand to help peoples, but I need to hunt for this forum posts they are too seldom.

Additionally, if i pass all 3 quests in 1 week I will receive 2 QP bonus. It is impossible to pass this test in one week, because answered questions are still not marked as resolved for a month!

It second time when i press button "Change current quest" because it is nothing to do now.