• Digits Multiplication

Question related to mission Digits Multiplication


Hello! Could you please help me about the task of [Digit Multiplication]?

I wrote my code us carried out it, but an error [Assertion Error] occurred. I see this error for the first time, and there is no hint to change my code. Of course I searched on the web, but I couldn't find any useful article to solve this problem.

Here is my code...

def checkio(number: int) -> int:
    number_str = str(number)
    number_list = list(number_str)
    exclude_strlist = [i for i in number_list if not i == 0]
    exclude_intlist = [int(s) for s in exclude_strlist]
    a = 1
    for i in range(len(exclude_intlist)):
        a = a * exclude_intlist[i]  
    return a

If you are good at python, please help me....