• Incinerator: "dialogues" task



I would like to give some feedback on incinerator dialogues task:

I managed to pass the 3rd 1/1 test even though the code was faulty, the test itself would've caught the error if it accounted for each interlocutor sending more than one message, I corrected my code in showrobotdialogue, but your test is still checking only one round of messages, maybe you would like to add another round of messages to the test like you did in showhumandialogue test

Incomplete test:

chat = Chat() 
me = Human('Xander') 
my_digital_clone = Robot('Model AX-88') 
me.send("What a nice day! Do you have some plans?") 
my_digital_clone.send("Code. Code. Code. Nothing else matters.") 

Complete test example:

chat = Chat() 
bob = Human('Bob') 
ann = Robot('Ann-1244c') 
bob.send("Hi, Ann! Is your part of work done?") 
ann.send("Hi, Bob. Sorry, I need a few more hours. Could you wait, please?") 
bob.send("Ok. But hurry up, please. It's important.") 
ann.send("Sure, thanks.") 

From: https://py.checkio.org/mission/dialogues/solve/


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