• SomeThing wrong in the test24

Question related to mission The Warlords



I failed for the test24 which is showing below:

army_1 = Army()
army_2 = Army()
army_1.add_units(Warrior, 2)
army_1.add_units(Lancer, 2)
army_1.add_units(Defender, 1)
army_1.add_units(Warlord, 3)
army_2.add_units(Warlord, 2)
army_2.add_units(Vampire, 1)
army_2.add_units(Healer, 5)
army_2.add_units(Knight, 2)
battle = Battle()
battle.fight(army_1, army_2)

However, the description in the mission said '5.Every army can have no more than 1 Warlord.' Maybe i misunderstand the meaning?