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Question related to mission The Warlords


Hello, for the test #26, we have the following armies, before/after moving the units according the rules:

Warrior Warrior Lancer Lancer Lancer Defender Warlord
Lancer Lancer Lancer Warrior Warrior Defender Warlord

Warlord Vampire Rookie Knight
Vampire Rookie Knight Warlord

Now after the first round, with the appropriate equipment I got:

Lancer vs Vampire  -> Lancer wins  (with 14HP vs -2)
Lancer vs Rookie   -> Lancer wins  (with 42HP vs -4)
Lancer vs Knight   -> Knight wins  (with  2HP vs -6)
Warrior vs Warlord -> Warrior wins (with  4HP vs -6)

In the second round, from the second army only Knight with 2HP is alive. He will be defeated with the first Lancer. So why should the second army win, according the tests? I am not sure where I made a mistake, below is the test #26. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

# Test #26:
army_1 = Army()
army_2 = Army()
army_1.add_units(Warrior, 2)
army_1.add_units(Lancer, 3)
army_1.add_units(Defender, 1)
army_1.add_units(Warlord, 1)

army_2.add_units(Warlord, 5)
army_2.add_units(Vampire, 1)
army_2.add_units(Rookie, 1)
army_2.add_units(Knight, 1)

battle = Battle()
battle.straight_fight(army_1, army_2)