• Confusion about Overkill

Question related to mission The Vampires


Hi all, After 4 days of getting stuck on a future mission in this set, I realised I made a mistake here in this challenge. There's a clarification that I think should be made in the question, as I might not be the only one who got it confused. The clarification is about how much health the vampire heals when the opponent is low on life.

Say for Example the Vampire is facing a Warrior with 2 health left. The vampire will hit the warrior for 4 damage, taking away his last 2 health. What I got confused on here was how much health the vampire will heal. I thought it would be 50% of 2 - but it's actually 50% of 4. I think a quick clarification might help people in the long run.

All being said though, this set of quests is AMAZING. Being specific to one language, this website offers some very exciting opportunities for missions that you don't get on other sites.